Open Call – Getting It


Open call for: Getting It! – A Femdom Anthology

Co-edited by S.B. Roark and Sienna Saint-Cyr

Publisher: SinCyr Publishing 

Misogyny is all around us, so what better way to enjoy feminine power than with a Femdom anthology? What are we looking for? Women dominating, of course! Whether it’s a sweet story of a Domme and her subby gurl or a Professional Dominatrix hired to correct the misogynistic jerk in the copy room, show us spicy, evocative, sexually confident women in the seat of power.

Pairing and gender can be any, but when the domination takes place, the person dominating needs to be associating as female. We want stories that honor feminine power and agency.

To fit the theme, someone in the story needs to ‘get it’. That can be in a sexual way, a mental Ah ha! moment or some other form of getting it. Since the term ‘to get it’ is often used to denote getting laid, we wanted to up the stakes and give our readers a twist of what all getting it might mean. Is it simply getting laid? Or is there a deeper level of understanding that often accompanies Dominance and submission?

Please see our submissions page for additional information, guidelines, and formatting. Remember, consent is important to us! No matter the circumstance—including when the misogynistic jerk is being put in his place—we need conversation and clear consent.  

Nothing illegal.

Heat level: Intense
Word count: 3000-6000 words
Pairing: Any, but see stipulation above.
Submission Deadline: February 28, 2017

Send submissions to with the antho and your story title in the subject line. See submissions page for formatting details.

“Shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.”